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We are huge fans of mobile games, especially Brawl Stars, Clash Royale and Clash of Clans. Unfortunately the whole mobile gaming industry went into the completely wrong direction. What do we mean? Everywhere are IAP (In-Game Purchases) in form of virtual currencies and other items. It became a real pain and so annoying.

Almost all the games, including Brawl Stars, have annoying waiting times or other disadvantages, if you don’t one enough gems, coins, gold, diamonds, points, cash or however the in-game currencies are called.

free brawl stars gems and coins

Here is the problem: Pay To Win.

People who are willing to spend their real money on gems will have it so much easier to increase their level, get better items and to be more successful. It is so much more fun, if you can do whatever you want.


What happens is the following scenario:

80% of the gamer are not spending any or only a little money and will be defeated by those 20%, which will buy gems every single day or weekly. In short: Its not equal at all. Even between inside the 20% there is a small percentage of people, who are spending way too much money on the game. We are talking about thousands of dollar every single month just for gems. Its absolutely insane. These guys are mostly famous lets player on YouTube or Twitch. They don’t really spend their own money, since most of the money are donations from subs or follower.

A small group of gamer are beating 95% of the other gamer, because they can do whatever they want. This is over now!

The Brawl Stars hack makes the game much more equal by giving everyone the chance to get free gems and coins. No matter where you come from, how old you are or how much money you got. With this hack tool you will be able to get any amount of gems just within a couple of minutes. Just use it and you will see how easy it is!

If you have any questions you can just contact us.

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